Clean Pantry, Clean Planet

Looking to Have a Clean Pantry?

Those dream pantries you see in magazines and on home decor blogs aren't as far out of reach as they seem. By paring down your pantry staples and employing a few smart organization tricks, you can have the clean, sleek storage you've always wanted without spending a fortune.

1. Coordinate your containers.

Consistency is key to giving your pantry a clean, streamlined look, so start with your storage supplies. Matching canisters in various sizes look great and keep everything in its proper place.

2. Do a sweep of your spices.

Chances are you have about six jars of cinnamon hiding in your spice cabinet. Free up much-needed space by going through all your seasonings and tossing duplicates, plus any old or expired jars.

3. Stock up on clear jars.

Grains, nuts and flours come in bags and containers of all shapes and sizes, which can be awkward to store and create unwanted clutter. Pour them into pretty glass jars instead to get avoid the eyesore.

4. Make use of the doors.

 The inside of your pantry door is an opportunity for more precious storage space. Install a shallow spice rack to keep all your seasonings within view or add a nook to slide in rolls of tin foil and cling wrap.

5. Label the containers

If label makers aren't your thing, keep the organization process simple by buying a few rolls of colourful washi tape. It comes in cute designs and is perfect for quickly labelling jars and other containers.

6. Play with open shelving.

If you're really strapped for space, it may not be possible to keep all of your pantry staples out of sight. Invest in tasteful containers for a few frequently used ingredients then put them on display on open shelving.

7. Create extra shelving.

Make use of the narrow space between the shelves and pantry door by screwing small baskets or desk organizers to the wall. These are perfect for holding spices and seasonings that won't fit elsewhere.

Have a Clean Pantry! 

Source: Hannah Doolin and Madison