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Small Step Movement

The idea of Clean Pantry was born when we found, In average 36% of plastic production goes just for packaging. Put this figure beside each Australian uses 130 kg of plastic each year which only 12% of that's recycled.

It means, each of us is producing around 41 kgs plastic each year which ends up in the oceans, rivers and landfills just by buying pre-packed goods with plastic packaging.

It is equivalent more than 1,000,000,000 kgs plastic each year just in Australia. Yes, 1,000,000,000 kgs plastic each year.

This is why we are committed to minimising use and waste of plastic which can not be recycled or compost. 

Our believe is, we can move toward fixing this crisis just by taking a small step by Changing our shopping style.

In Clean Pantry we offer bulk products which are not conventionally packaged. We packed our products in either recyclable or biodegradable and compostable paper bags made from sustainably sourced materials. The bags have 100% plant based film (PLA) which is made from plants such as corn and sugar cane to make them grease resistant.

The bags have a tin-tie close and can be re-used for any purposes. For compostable bags just you need to remove the tin tie first and then compost them and the tin-tie can be used again.

Also in Clean Pantry we have tried to provide different weight of products to suit your need and budget which help you to buy as much as you need and reduce your food waste as well.

In Clean Pantry we are very careful your order to be delivered safely by courier. For this reason if needed we use a recycled cardboard wrap to protect your order inside a cardboard box made from recycled materials. All these materials can be recycled.

By ordering on this site you agree to have us pack the goods the best way we see fit. We are always striving to reduce our waste and footprint as well as continually improving the way we do things.


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Clean Pantry, Clean planet